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Our Processes

W3iR Process

W3iR is our proprietary planning process that helps put all of the "pieces" together to design a complete and unique retirement plan based on your dreams and goals. Our process includes assessing your current needs as it relates to Income, Investing and Insurance and adjusts those needs as your family and your wealth grow and change over the years.

GPS Process

Getting People Started is for the younger client who is just beginning on the journey to building wealth. Similar to our W3iR process, we will show you how to manage your income and insurance needs, as well as introduce you to investing.


Cor-4 is one of our proprietary investment strategies, many years in the making, and we are proud to offer it to WWM clients. Inside our Cor-4 strategy are several investment options suitable for most investors. Every portfolio is unique to its owner and designed specifically to your personal needs and goals.

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