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Reaching for your investment & wealth management goals.


Charting your course through wealth management waters.


Exploring your insurance path.

Guiding you with financial advice, insurance & planning

Working as your financial guide and partner, Weir Wealth Management will help you chart the right course for all your financial needs. Helping you navigate through the complex financial waters, we will set you on the right path and ensure you are comfortable with your choices and goals.

While we are not the typical suit and tie firm, at Weir Wealth Management, you will find a team of experienced staff who are friendly, easy going and have a passion for helping people like you.

Why Weir Wealth Management

• Investment Advisory Services
• Brokerage Accounts
• Managed Accounts
• Fee-based Investments
• Financial Planning (fee based)
• Insurance Planning (fee based)
• Retirement Income Planning
• Trust Accounts
• Individual Accounts
• Simple Plans
• 401(k)s
• 403(b)s
• IRAs
• And Much More

Have a Plan?

To successfully plan for your future, your financial journey should encompass:

Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning

Tax Planning

Closely follow our Weir 5-Step Plan, we will help you build a carefully thought out program to help meet your short- and long-term goals.

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Complimentary Discovery Meeting Just For You

We can come to you, or you can come visit us in our historic building in Cedarburg. Let's have a discussion and then shoot a round of pool when we're done.

 Weir Wealth Management Advisory Services:

No sales quotas or incentives sold here—we provide fee-based advisory services, so we are working for you, not working for a commission!

We provide you with exceptional service through teamwork, communication & collaboration, and a joint long-term focus of your financial goals.

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Other Services We Can Help You With:

Scouting out the right people, strategies and services are what make relationships the most successful! Through the trusted relationships that we have built over the years, we can also help connect you with: